NsBA – Easily accessible jobs in Styria

NIEBE is an European project. It is short for “Niederschwellige Beschäftigungsangebote”. This means: easily accessible jobs. With the NsBa project, LEO GmbH creates job opportunities for people who face difficulties on the job market. In the project, people are prepared for the job market step by step. In particular, LEO GmbH pays attention to the peoples’ needs, to their situation and to their abilities. The project is paid by the province of Styria and by the European Social Fund Plus.

LEO GmbH offers jobs in different areas of work. People can work for different amounts of hours: from just a few hours to a full-time job.

The project is for people who have difficulties finding a job because of complex problems. It is for people who live in poverty or who are at risk of living in poverty. This includes people who have not been working in a long time and people who get social benefits called “Sozialunterstützung”. For these people it is very difficult to find a job. It is good to prepare them step by step for the job market.

The NsBa project exists in all of Styria. LEO GmbH is responsible for the region of Hartberg – Fürstenfeld.