Our services

We work on behalf of the Public Employment Service in Styria. It is called AMS Steiermark in German. We work for people who need support when they go back to work. We offer temporary jobs in different areas and help people find meaningful jobs.

These are possible jobs at LEO GmbH:

In the supermarket for people with little income: People can work there as salespersons or pick up food from supermarkets.

In the Carla shops: People can work there as salespersons or sort the products.

In the technical department: People can work in the smith’s shop or build fences.

At our phone service: People can clean phone booths.

At our cleaning service Tipp Topp: People can clean.

At our service ARGUS: People can keep parking spaces under surveillance.

In the department of practical experiences: People can temporarily work for other companies.

Municipalities, companies and individuals can use our services. It is important to us to do our work in the best way possible. It is also very important to us that our customers are happy.