Our company LEO GmbH was founded in August of 2002. It was founded by a group of all the municipalities in the district of Fürstenfeld. Later, more municipalities from the district of Hartberg and the district of Weiz joined. Today, 13 municipalities are part of our project.

We work for public institutions: 
•    The Public Employment Service. 
      It is called Arbeitsmarkt-Service or AMS in German.
•    The Province of Styria.
•    The European Union.

We create temporary jobs for our target groups. These jobs prepare them to go back to work. We offer job training, courses and internships.

We are part of different projects in our region and in the European Union. This way, we want to find new job opportunities. And we want to help improve our region Fürstenfeld-Hartberg-Weiz.

We are one of the first companies in Austria that got an important award. It is called “Gütesiegel für soziale Integrationsunternehmen“. This means: 
Quality label for social businesses who work for integration. 
We also got another quality label. It proves that we promote the health of our employees.

These 13 municipalities are part of our project:

  • Großsteinbach
  • Großwilfersdorf
  • Loipersdorf
  • Ottendorf
  • Söchau
  • Burgau
  • Ilz
  • Fürstenfeld
  • Hartl
  • Pischelsdorf
  • Feistritztal
  • Gersdorf
  • Blumau