Working with LEO GmbH

If you want to work with us, please keep in mind these requirements.
You are registered with the Public Employment Service (AMS). You are part of a target group for a job at LEO GmbH.


You want to work in one of the areas of LEO GmbH. You want to do a temporary job that helps you get back into the working life.


Talk to your adviser at AMS!

Come to an interview at LEO GmbH in Großsteinbach or Fürstenfeld. Bring your application with you.

You work with us for a maximum of 9 months. During this time, we will pay you the amount of money that the collective contract says. Collective contracts apply to everyone who works in a certain area. The contract that applies to you depends on your job. It can be the collective contract for the metal industry or the collective contract for the social economy. During your time at LEO GmbH, you can gain experience in one of our areas of work. We help you with your applications. We organise trainings that you need for your future job.