We want to work in an efficient, social and sustainable way. This means: We want to be successful as a company and achieve good results. At the same time, we want to improve peoples‘ lives. We want our company to be successful for a long time.
LEO GmbH stands for meaningful jobs.

We offer temporary jobs in different areas. The jobs suit the people who want to go back to work. Public authorities support us, like the Public Employment Service (AMS), the Province of Styria and the European Union. .
LEO GmbH stands for happy customers and for quality.

These things are very important to us:
• We are experts. We know our areas well. For this reason, we can give ideal advice to our customers.
• We want to do every task from municipalities, organisations, companies and individuals perfectly.
This is possible thanks to our experts and their experience.
LEO GmbH stands for new ideas. We are open to new possibilities.

We closely work with the region of Eastern Styria. We want to find new job opportunities and new types of work.
LEO GmbH stands for respect and diversity.

We value all people and treat them with respect. We work as a team and stick together.
LEO GmbH stands for cooperation.

Our customers can rely on us. We do what our region needs. We look for job opportunities that suit our clients. It is very important to us to work with other social organisations. This way, we get information that is important for our work.
LEO GmbH stands for respecting the sustainability goals of the United Nations (UN).

We want to be sustainable. We do not want to waste anything. We want to do work that will be useful for a long time. We want to work in a fair way. We treat all people the same. We want to be clear and open about what we do. Everybody can know what our work is about. We want to protect the environment. We want to re-use resources and produce as little waste as possible .